Hello, Me, It's Me Again

I've been writing and playing music for quite some time now. Matt Maginn and I started The Semi-Conscious in grade school where I played a little synth and Matt played drums on pillows. Or maybe it was the other way around. We did Fine Young Cannibals covers, of that, I'm certain. 

I picked up guitar and Matt picked up bass. We started the bands March Hares and Slowdown Virginia in high school which rolled over into our college years. Once we decided it was alright to take ourselves more seriously, we started Cursive and have been more or less doing that for twenty years now (sheesh).

Around the turn of the century, I started a "side" project called The Good Life which turned out to be a full time "project", sans side. I spent the early half of the aughts tirelessly touring with one band and then the next, sometimes with just a weekend off between the two. Surprisingly, I didn't mind it, and even found myself suffering from ennui whenever I managed to have time off the road. 

I suppose all that touring rattled my brain a touch; I started moving around the country, unwilling to settle anywhere for longer than a couple years. Los Angeles, Whitefish, back to Omaha, Atlanta, Chicago, back to Los Angeles. 

In 2010, I started yet another project and came up with the wildest moniker: Tim Kasher. The Game of Monogamy came out on Saddle Creek, followed by Adult Film a couple years later. Per usual, I've done lots of touring for the releases, both home and abroad, accompanied by various excellent musicians.

March 3, 2017 finds me releasing my third solo album, No Resolution. It marks the first release on 15 Passenger Records, a label founded by Cursive: Matt Maginn, Ted Stevens and yours truly.  It's been an exciting time, and an enriching creative endeavor, as I also wrote and directed a feature length film, aptly titled No Resolution, to be released later in the year.

Thanks for reading. I'm already looking forward to how outdated this mini bio may sound by the time I finally get around to updating it. Here's to living in the present, xo Tim